Infradoc Classic series infrared saunas

Infradoc Classic Delivery & Warranty information

Lifetime warranty on heaters

INFRADOC® provides a lifetime warranty on incoloy heaters for private use of Infradoc classic models only. This warranty is provided only to cabins that are purchased directly from INFRADOC EUROPE, Ltd. or it's official listed dealer. Please see warranty terms for more details.

Free delivery

Infradoc Europe, Ltd. provides a free delivery within European Union for direct purchases, despite the quantity, made by contacting our head office or made online using contact forms on website. Free delivery conditions do not apply on other countries besides EU. For more details please read the shipping reference.

Premium Quality

INFRADOC® uses only high quality source materials, such as: A-class western red cedar, incalloy heaters & electronics to produce infrared saunas. Each sauna has been preassembled and has been certified to assure the product has been tested for electrical safety. All saunas are certified with TUV certificate.