Infradoc Classic & Nano 360° series infrared saunas

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INFRADOC Nano 360° is a newly-designed product that appeared on the European market in the end of 2009. It represents the latest generation of the infrared saunas. The designers of INFRADOC Nano 360° cabins have succeeded in removing the drawbacks of previous designs, as well in taking account of the desires of the numerous infrared warmth admirers.

  • Innovative NANO 360° heaters
  • No synthetic materials are used in production
  • 100% western red cedar surface inside & outside
  • No "cold zones" - all walls, ceiling & floor are heat sources
  • Higher heat output with the lower energy consumption by 15-20%
  • Mildest heat achieved by Nanotechnologies
View Infradoc Classic models

INFRADOC Classic is a classic type infrared sauna made of premium A-grade western red cedar, equipped with incalloy (incoloy) heaters that produce very mild far-infrared heat. These cabins are recommended for commercial and home usage. If you are looking for deeper heat penetration — INFRADOC Classic is right for you!

  • Incoloy (incalloy) U-type magnesium oxide heaters
  • Infrared heaters intensity control
  • Lifetime warranty on heaters
  • Wide choice of eleven different standard sauna sizes
  • Deeper heat penetration
  • Over 15 years of infra red sauna production experience