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Throughout the darkest months of the year — during autumn and winter — many people compain repeatedly of lack of energy and poor performance, even though they may not yet, in the conventional sence, manifest sighns of illness.

Symptoms which recur every winter, year after year:

  1. You have a feeling of lethargy and tiredness, despite sleeping longer.
  2. You seldom awake refreshed.
  3. You feel weak and exhausted, productivity drops and you may experience depression.
  4. You have a yearning for carbohydrates (accompanied by weight gain).
  5. Your spirits are subdued and you feel sad.

For many people these symptoms can be so severe that they suffer from an illness. This is known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or "Winter Depression".

In cases of SAD light therapy can be used preventatively: it canprevent symptomsfrom appearing, it can reduce their severity and it can restore normal levels of energy and productivity.

Benefits of using CHRONOLUX® Light therapy device? Chronolux Light Therapy Device


Registered under Medical Equipment directive (MPG). the directive states that only lights which have been registered by EC Quality Management System qualify fo therapeutic use.

Warranty 5 years
Lamp Power 3 lamps, 36W each
Luminous intensity 2500 - 10000 lux, depending on distance
Treatment time 30 minutes
Size 500 × 270 × 190 mm
Weight 4.6 kg
Certifications CE 0197, TUV Safety Certificate

CHRONOLUX® Light Therapy equipment is certified under the European Medical Equipmet Law and therefore carries the EC regitered trademark, which assures maximum safety in your treatment.

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